Silk Making

The tradition of silk-making goes back hundreds of years in Thailand. Thai Silk is one of the finest fabrics in the world. It is different from the other producer of silk. How different! Difference at the process of manufacturing and normally hand woven, the style and colors in Thai traditional style, high quality, which make Thai Silk to be unique, popular fabric of the world.

The process of producing Silk. Firstly, the raw silk yarn, from the silk cocoon and is ready to be dyed, will be prepared for dyeing. The yarn will be degummed, by using some chemical components when ready the yarn will be boiled and then the dyed yarns are finished and dried.



Natural dyes are then used to colour the silk. Finally, when dyed and dry, the silk is spun into continuous yarn on wooden reels ready for weaving.


The weaving is done with great skill and care taken to retain a matching consistency. Authentic Thai Silk cannot be mass-produced; no weaver can substitute for another's labour without damaging the yield.

Thai Silk does not undergo mechanized finishing treatment. In its natural form, it catches light more effectively, giving off a lively glow of rich colors. It is costly if compared to other textiles because of the care taken to preserve standards and consistency.


Silk cloth is lightweight, but warm in cool weather. Silk is comfortable in hot weather too, because it absorbs moisture up to 30 percent of its weight without feeling wet.

Tips for care, should be hand wash, warm ironing, the first cleaning, should be solk in salt water for colors cloth.

Thai Silk can be washed only with the mildest soap, then rinsed in tepid water as many times as necessary, but never wrung. In the last rinsing, a spoon of clear white vinegar can be added to retain the original luster. It should be allowed to drip dry in the shade.

Under no circumstances should Thai Silk be put into a washing machine. Thai Silk should be ironed on the inside just before it is dry or later only with a damp cloth over it.

It is recommended to shop for Thai Silk only in stores that carry the approval signs either of the Thai Silk Association or the Tourism Authority of Thailand, as only in these places is the quality of Thai Silk guaranteed.

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